Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Commitment and Revelations

It's been some time since I have blogged here. I have mused about several things in the last few weeks and intended to commit them to writing, but always seem to get distracted. This morning I came here expressly to reveal some of my current thinking on the church, politics, christian service, etc. I find that I am still having trouble focusing on one specific idea, so instead I will direct you to some recent comments that I have been pondering.

I found this article posted this morning in the blog "Pulpit Magazine". I am not always in completed agreement with this source but I can find no argument with this specific article. Actually I think it Nails it pretty well.

I frequently read a blog named, "Pyromaniacs". It is authored by a team of extremely unbending, uncompromising Calvinistic Christians. For those who do not follow various doctrines the largest segment of Calvinistic adherents are the various groups identified as Baptists. The group of folks writing this blog live and breath this stuff in minuet detail.

Now I am personally of a Wesleyan/Armenian (As in Methodist) bent, so I often disagree with them, but they do raise some good points for thought and edification. I especially enjoy reading their ideas regarding some of the emerging/emergent movements, which they despise.

I found today's "Pyromaniacs" discussion of the types or sources of Gods revelations to be very interesting.

They do often have some wild graphics on their site. Today's photo of the mountains reminds me of the view from Sarah Palin's home town of Wasilla, Alaska which I passed through multiple times while working on a church project near there last fall.

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