Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It has been to long since I posted here. What is heavy on my mind right now is the Olympics and China. More specifically I have been reflecting on the diligence with which the worlds policy makers and the organized media are ignoring or covering up human rights violations there. While many would have us believe that it is no longer practiced or at most minimal, Chinese religious persecution in particular remains unabated, though perhaps somewhat camouflaged.

Western Church leaders have reported that it is minimal after being escorted through carefully orchestrated tours to convince them that this is the case. But this is just another example of the current trend in the West of looking only at what we want to see, while ignoring the obvious. This is the same syndrome that is encouraging many of the current dangerous FAD trends in our church's.

Those who really want to know the truth are invited to visit one or more of the following sites for current information about persecution in China.

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