Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Enjoying Prayer?

I have often heard people speak of enjoying there prayer time, or something similar. It has always left me feeling guilty and a bit perplexed. The truth is that I don't enjoy prayer, I don't like to pray in public, I don't like to pray with a group. Perhaps the discomfort that I feel in such circumstances has even led me to avoid gatherings where I might be expected to pray or to contribute to a round of public prayer. Today the tendency is to conclude that someone who doesn't enjoy prayer, praise, or devotions is not a "GOOD" Christian - - - perhaps that they are not sufficiently "GRATEFUL" to God for his gifts. We are expected to express virtually constant and unbounded thankfulness and joy.

Now I have discovered a dirty little secret. Modern day Christians are in for a surprise. I am not alone! There are many others, primarily men, that feel the same way. In fact during the founding years of our republic the prevailing attitude was that by nature people would not want to pray , to have devotions, or to praise God. Many of the most respected Christians leaders of that time preached and wrote prayers the essence of which was to encourage Christian prayer for the supplicants themselves to receive the desire, wisdom, and understanding to worship God in these ways.

Wow I feel better now.

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