Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Endings

The last few weeks have often found me tired, frustrated, and irritable. It seems that I have been running behind and operating at half power. I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday getting a radio put in my car for the trip to Dayton. Late last night I discovered that one of the cables needed to finish the job was too short. It was too late to change it so I left it with a temporary fix of laying the control-head and readout on the seat instead of mounted to the dash. Everything does seem to work though. It is nice to have the radio back.

I have not found time to think much, to get my garden in the ground, or to carve a new letterboxing stamp.

Today I received a reward though. Arriving in Dayton in the early afternoon with little to do except get settled in the motel, I decided to check out local letterboxes. I found a location nearby, drove there and located 3 boxes, plus a hitchhiker. I had a great time and received a needed attitude adjustment. Life has it's small rewards and this hectic week has had a Happy Ending. If you would like to learn more about the boxes check out my 1SG blog.

Thank you Lord - You knew that I needed that.

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