Friday, May 30, 2008

Ghosts of the Past

I have been struggling for a week or so regarding Memorial Day and my feelings regarding it. It seems to get harder each year for me to reflect upon it. Several times I have driven to DC and visited the Wall on Memorial Day early in the morning before all of the hullabaloo starts. During my 20 plus years in the Army I belonged to the Army Security Agency which was staffed by a small group of individuals that were assigned to a very limited group of units throughout their entire carrier. As a result you often worked with the same folks over and over at different locations. Friendships developed that were sort of like a family.

During the Vietnam era I lost several of these friends. I have intended to put up a memorial page for some time now. Although there are other memorial sites for these hero's somehow I think it will be cathartic if I create one also. If I do I want it to be just right, so I just haven't gotten it done, and this leaves me feeling a bit guilty.

While I enjoy the opportunity to spend extra time with members of my biologically family I morn for those from this extended family, so it's a weekend of mixed feelings. But The Lord knows my needs and helps me to deal with these issues.

A colleague from my days working as an electronics instructor sent me this link to a "Battle Hymn of the Republic" presentation by public school children. I found it inspiring, perhaps all hope for our country is not yet gone!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this entry, Dad. I know that this holiday is hard for you. I promise to do my best to be sure that my sons remember the reason and people behind Memorial Day and how close it hits home for you. Thank you for your service and for reminding me of all your family lost.