Saturday, May 10, 2008

Better and Better

Yes things are getting better an better, or should I say returning to normal. It looks like 2 more weeks before my regular routine will resume. Donna is getting around pretty well by herself now. She even drove some today in the 'hood running errands and getting her nails done. She has tickets for an Indians Game next Monday night and we think she will be up to going.

She found a Queen sized bed in the newspaper yesterday, we called, made a trip to check it out, and bought it. A friend from church agreed to haul it home for us on the roof of his van, but the only time he had available was at 8:00 this morning. It took four hours to haul it home and get the whole Kit'n Kaboodle setup. It came as a matching ensemble including: head board, frame, mattress, box springs, mattress pad, bed ruffle, 2 sets of sheets, 4 pillow cases, comforter, curtains, and throw pillows - plus a 3rd set of non-matching sheets and pillow cases. The whole thing is very nice.

Now both of our downstairs bedrooms are equipped with beds suitable for adult guests. Two of our children and their families will be visiting with us over the Memorial Day weekend. Our other 2 boys are local so we hope to celebrate Mother's day with the whole crew over the long weekend.

My garden is at least started and I have reviewed how the Ham radio for my car operates. I have a lot scheduled for next week. The task loaming at me now is the need to get the Ham rig in and operational by next Wednesday. Also I want to carve my letterboxing stamp to prepare for boxing with family while they are her.

I still miss having time to muse on the wonders of life, and my relationships with god and family, but expect that will return soon enough.

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