Saturday, May 3, 2008

Becoming Normal?

It seems as though things around my household are beginning to return to normal, or at least what passes for normal around here. Donna is able to get around quite well now, Her medication schedule has diminished to only a few things that she hasn't normally taken, I am not needed for near as many fetch and carry choirs, and our schedule is not dictated by Ice.

She was sent home from the hospital with a sort of ice pack on steroids called an "Iceman". It is 12 pack size cooler with a circulating pump that squirts ice water in and out of an ice bag through hoses. The bag looks like a somewhat distorted head of Mickey Mouse, ears and all. It seems to do a great job of reducing the pain and swelling, but I am forever buying ice to feed it. The ice maker in the fridge doesn't have a prayer of keeping up with it's appetite.

We still have twice a week physical therapy sessions and doctors appointments. It was Her right knee that they replaced so we don't know when she will be able to drive herself around, I may be the chauffeur for several more weeks. She can't stand being cooped up in the house so I am frequently taking Her someplace.

Thankfully friends from our church, as well as a few of hers from work, have kept us well supplied with meals so that I have had to cook and clean up very little. In fact we have to worry that we don't waste food.

All together I am very pleased at the rate of her recovery and think she (therefor we) will be quite happy that she had the knee taken care of.

I do have much to do the next few weeks. The garden plants need to get in the ground, I have to get a ham radio into my car before the Dayton HamVention of the 15th. From Dayton I am off to Toledo for a family birthday celebration - my Grandson is five already. If Donna is still not up to Driving for an hour and a half to Toledo I will need to swing back by home to get her.

Last night, for the first time in weeks, I was not totally exhausted and actually found myself embracing and reflecting on a few philosophical thoughts. Perhaps soon I will return to my regular pattern of activity. Until then!

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Unknown said...

Glad to hear that things are getting better. Look forward to seeing you really soon.