Friday, May 30, 2008

Those who didn't come home

I decided to go ahead and post "the accepted" list of those ASA soldiers who didn't make it back from Viet Nam. I know of some others who I believe should be included.

Note: Somewhere along the line it was decided by the Brass that there were to be no ASA units in RVN, so in a move that could only make sense to a politician, the unit names were changed from ASA to RR.

James Davis was considered to be the first member of the American Army killed on the ground in RVN. I was on orders to go with him - mine were canceled but he was left on - It really makes me think!!

SP4 James T. Davis, 3rd Radio Research Unit, 22 Dec 1961 (Panel 01E - Line 4)
PFC Donald R. Taylor, 3rd Radio Research Unit, 9 Feb 1964 (Panel 01E - Line 43)
SP4 Arthur Glover, 3rd Radio Research Unit, 9 Feb1964 (Panel 01E - Line 43)
SSG Robert F.Townsend, 10th Radio Research Unit, 4 Nov 1965 (Panel 03E - Line 20)
SSG Donald D. Daugherty, 3d Radio Research Unit, 13 Apr 1966 (Panel 06E - Line 109)
Lt William E. Leatherwood Jr., 8th Radio Research FS, 17 Feb 1966 (Panel 05E - Line 42)
CPT James D. Stallings, 337th Radio Research Co, 25 Sep 1966 (Panel 11E - Line 18)
1LT John F. Cochrane, 409th Radio Research Det, 24 Oct 1966 (Panel 11E - Line 102)
SFC John F. Stirling, 335th Radio Research Co, 8 Mar 1967 (Panel 16E - Line 42)
SP5 William L. Stewart Jr., 8th Radio Research FS, 8 Oct 1967 (Panel 27E - Line 77)
SP4 Richard G. Feruggia, 8th Radio Research FS, 8 Oct 1967 (Panel 27E - Line 70)
SP4 Terrance H. Larson, 8th Radio Research FS, 8 Oct 1967 (Panel 27E - Line 74)
SP4 Robert D. Nelson, 8th Radio Research FS, 8 Oct 1967 (Panel 27E - Line 74)
SP4 Joseph P. Rowly, 8th Radio Research FS, 8 Oct 1967 (Panel 27E - Line 78)
SP4 John D. Saville Jr., 8th Radio Research FS, 8 Oct 1967 (Panel 27E - Line 76)
SP4 Ronald A.Villardo, 8th Radio Research FS, 8 Oct 1967 Panel 27E - Line 69)
SFC Robert D. Taylor, 335th Radio Research Co, 26 Nov 1967 (Panel 30E - Line 95)
SGT Diego Ramirez Jr., 335th Radio Research Co, 26 Nov 1967 (Panel 30E - Line 93)
SP5 Michael P. Brown, 335th Radio Research Co, 26 Nov 1967 (Panel 30E - Line 88)
WO1 Milton Warren Smith, 138TH Avn Co (RR), 29 December 1967 (Panel 32E - Line 097)
WO1 Jonathan P. Shaffer, 138TH Avn Co (RR), 29 December 1967(Panel 32E - Line 097)
CPT John M. Casey, 371st Radio Research Co, 25 Mar 1968 (Panel 46E - Line 14)
SP4 Christopher Schramm, 371st Radio Research Co, 13 May 1968 (Panel 60E - Line 1)
SP4 Jeffrey W. Haerle, 372d Radio Research Co, 13 May 1968 (Panel 59E - Line 22)
SP5 Samuel C. Martin, 101st Radio Research Co, 17 May 1968 (Panel 62E - Line 8)
SGT Thomas J. Tomczak, 403d Special Opns Det, 23 Jul 1968 (Panel 51W - Line 46)
SP5 Harold Biller, 175th Radio Research Co, 25 Feb 1969 (Panel 31W - Line 43)
SP5 Harold J. Colon, 409th Radio Research Det, 21 Jun 1969 (Panel 22W - Line 103)
CW2 Jack K. Knepp, 371st Radio Research Co, 29 Nov 1969 (Panel 15W - Line 5)
WO1 Dennis D. Bogle, 371st Radio Research Co, 29 Nov 1969 (Panel 15W - Line 3)
SP4 James R. Smith, 371st Radio Research Co, 29 Nov 1969 (Panel 15W - Line 8)
PFC Henry N. Heide II, 371st Radio Research Co, 29 Nov 1969 (Panel 15W - Line 4)
SP4 Robert E. Dew, 330th Radio Research Co, 30 Aug 1970 (Panel 07W - Line 24)
SP5 Carl H. Caccia, 404th Radio Research Det, 21 Feb 1971 (Panel 05W - Line 127)
SP5 Robert J. Thelen, 404th Radio Research Det, 21 Feb 1971 (Panel 05W - Line 130)
SP5 Robert J. Potts, 404th Radio Research Det, 21 Feb 1971 (Panel 05W - Line 129)
SP5 Mitchell B. Smith, 404th Radio Research Det, 21 Feb 1971 (Panel 05W - Line 130)
WO1 Paul V. Black, 371st Radio Research Co, 1 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 13)
WO1 Robert D. Uhl, 371st Radio Research Co, 1 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 15)
SP5 Gary C. David, 371st Radio Research Co, 1 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 13)
SP4 Frank A. Sablan, 371st Radio Research Co, 1 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 15)
CPT Michael W. Marker, 138th Avn Co (RR), 4 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 21)
WO1 Harold L. Algaard, 138th Avn Co (RR), 4 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 20)
SP6 John T. Strawn, 138th Avn Co (RR), 4 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 22)
SP5 Richard J. Hentz, 138th Avn Co (RR), 4 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 21)
SP5 Rodney D. Osborne, 138th Avn Co (RR), 4 Mar 1971 (Panel 04W - Line 21)
SP5 Larry P. Westcott, 8th Radio Research FS, 30 Mar 1972 (Panel 02W - Line 125)
SP5 Bruce A. Crosby Jr., 8th Radio Research FS, 30 May 1972(Panel 02W - Line 125)

Ghosts of the Past

I have been struggling for a week or so regarding Memorial Day and my feelings regarding it. It seems to get harder each year for me to reflect upon it. Several times I have driven to DC and visited the Wall on Memorial Day early in the morning before all of the hullabaloo starts. During my 20 plus years in the Army I belonged to the Army Security Agency which was staffed by a small group of individuals that were assigned to a very limited group of units throughout their entire carrier. As a result you often worked with the same folks over and over at different locations. Friendships developed that were sort of like a family.

During the Vietnam era I lost several of these friends. I have intended to put up a memorial page for some time now. Although there are other memorial sites for these hero's somehow I think it will be cathartic if I create one also. If I do I want it to be just right, so I just haven't gotten it done, and this leaves me feeling a bit guilty.

While I enjoy the opportunity to spend extra time with members of my biologically family I morn for those from this extended family, so it's a weekend of mixed feelings. But The Lord knows my needs and helps me to deal with these issues.

A colleague from my days working as an electronics instructor sent me this link to a "Battle Hymn of the Republic" presentation by public school children. I found it inspiring, perhaps all hope for our country is not yet gone!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Endings

The last few weeks have often found me tired, frustrated, and irritable. It seems that I have been running behind and operating at half power. I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday getting a radio put in my car for the trip to Dayton. Late last night I discovered that one of the cables needed to finish the job was too short. It was too late to change it so I left it with a temporary fix of laying the control-head and readout on the seat instead of mounted to the dash. Everything does seem to work though. It is nice to have the radio back.

I have not found time to think much, to get my garden in the ground, or to carve a new letterboxing stamp.

Today I received a reward though. Arriving in Dayton in the early afternoon with little to do except get settled in the motel, I decided to check out local letterboxes. I found a location nearby, drove there and located 3 boxes, plus a hitchhiker. I had a great time and received a needed attitude adjustment. Life has it's small rewards and this hectic week has had a Happy Ending. If you would like to learn more about the boxes check out my 1SG blog.

Thank you Lord - You knew that I needed that.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

I Think Donna had a good Mothers Day today. I chose to post most of my thoughts on another of my blogs, so if you are interested go to my 1sg site.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Better and Better

Yes things are getting better an better, or should I say returning to normal. It looks like 2 more weeks before my regular routine will resume. Donna is getting around pretty well by herself now. She even drove some today in the 'hood running errands and getting her nails done. She has tickets for an Indians Game next Monday night and we think she will be up to going.

She found a Queen sized bed in the newspaper yesterday, we called, made a trip to check it out, and bought it. A friend from church agreed to haul it home for us on the roof of his van, but the only time he had available was at 8:00 this morning. It took four hours to haul it home and get the whole Kit'n Kaboodle setup. It came as a matching ensemble including: head board, frame, mattress, box springs, mattress pad, bed ruffle, 2 sets of sheets, 4 pillow cases, comforter, curtains, and throw pillows - plus a 3rd set of non-matching sheets and pillow cases. The whole thing is very nice.

Now both of our downstairs bedrooms are equipped with beds suitable for adult guests. Two of our children and their families will be visiting with us over the Memorial Day weekend. Our other 2 boys are local so we hope to celebrate Mother's day with the whole crew over the long weekend.

My garden is at least started and I have reviewed how the Ham radio for my car operates. I have a lot scheduled for next week. The task loaming at me now is the need to get the Ham rig in and operational by next Wednesday. Also I want to carve my letterboxing stamp to prepare for boxing with family while they are her.

I still miss having time to muse on the wonders of life, and my relationships with god and family, but expect that will return soon enough.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Becoming Normal?

It seems as though things around my household are beginning to return to normal, or at least what passes for normal around here. Donna is able to get around quite well now, Her medication schedule has diminished to only a few things that she hasn't normally taken, I am not needed for near as many fetch and carry choirs, and our schedule is not dictated by Ice.

She was sent home from the hospital with a sort of ice pack on steroids called an "Iceman". It is 12 pack size cooler with a circulating pump that squirts ice water in and out of an ice bag through hoses. The bag looks like a somewhat distorted head of Mickey Mouse, ears and all. It seems to do a great job of reducing the pain and swelling, but I am forever buying ice to feed it. The ice maker in the fridge doesn't have a prayer of keeping up with it's appetite.

We still have twice a week physical therapy sessions and doctors appointments. It was Her right knee that they replaced so we don't know when she will be able to drive herself around, I may be the chauffeur for several more weeks. She can't stand being cooped up in the house so I am frequently taking Her someplace.

Thankfully friends from our church, as well as a few of hers from work, have kept us well supplied with meals so that I have had to cook and clean up very little. In fact we have to worry that we don't waste food.

All together I am very pleased at the rate of her recovery and think she (therefor we) will be quite happy that she had the knee taken care of.

I do have much to do the next few weeks. The garden plants need to get in the ground, I have to get a ham radio into my car before the Dayton HamVention of the 15th. From Dayton I am off to Toledo for a family birthday celebration - my Grandson is five already. If Donna is still not up to Driving for an hour and a half to Toledo I will need to swing back by home to get her.

Last night, for the first time in weeks, I was not totally exhausted and actually found myself embracing and reflecting on a few philosophical thoughts. Perhaps soon I will return to my regular pattern of activity. Until then!