Thursday, April 10, 2008

Running, running, running

So just a quick update. My wife Donna now has a mechanical knee. Do to an error at the hospital she has not been able to receive the intended amount of pain medication. Therefor she is not sleeping well. They are pumping her with a lot of Morphine to make up for the missing meds. I have not seen her in this much of a stupor for years. It is funny to try to talk with her.

At any rate trying to do chores and make visits is taxing my own physical abilities right now.

My daughter Ellisa first got me interested in blogging a few months back and I find that I am enjoying it. Now she has introduced me to "Letterboxing" which really sounds fun and intriguing. I think I will try getting involved with it to get me out and about more. When I do I will probably blog about that too. I have another blog which I have set up, but haven't used where that will probably go.

I will try to talk more about where the wild goose goes soon.

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Unknown said...

Hey Dad. Don't exhaust yourself too much taking care of Mom. She'll need you most when she gets home.

Can't wait to Letterbox with you!! We're anxious to do the "Music Mound" series in the metroparks when we come to town next.