Friday, April 4, 2008

Dove or Goose

This has been an unusual week mostly because my wife has been off schedule. She is preparing to have her knee replaced next Tuesday which has resulted in many extra activities for us both. She did take me to see the Indians beat the White Socs Wednesday night. She is quick to remind me that the tickets are hers. She is a baseball nut so for her birthday last year I gave her 2008 partial season (20 game) tickets for two people along with garage parking passes. She will probably miss a couple of games now because of her knee replacement. I am also trying to prepare for planting my garden and getting a Ham Radio installed into the car I picked up last fall. So all-in-all I have been running is circles. To further complicate things I blew out a tire resulting in my car going to the shop twice. Once for a new tire and alignment. Then for replacement of my brake routers which they discovered were bad while replacing the tire.

The other day I discovered mention that in the early Celtic Christian church the accepted symbol of the Holy Spirit was not the dove, but the goose. As I am of Scottish/Irish decent, I became interested and researching I found quite a bit of material. Here are some preliminary thoughts on the nature of geese which I wanted to get down.

I tend to like this symbol, geese are a wonderful species. Together in flocks they accomplish more than they could individually. They will lead when called upon, but defer to others when that is appropriate. They care for each other when flying in formation even to the extent of staying behind in support of another which is sick or wounded. They give each other encouraging honks as they fly above us. If you have ever been around geese you are aware that they can be rather pushy and independent if you try to direct them the wrong way.

I have some thoughts on the spiritual aspects of this which I intend to digest a bit before posting.

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Unknown said...

Good luck keeping up with Mom as she gets ready for her "big day". I'll pray for you!

I've never been much of a goose fan. They're noisey and poop a lot. I'll have to think on what you posted...but I think I like the dove better. Cleaner and calmer really.