Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back to Normal?

The Saturday Night Dinner at a local Italian restaurant went well. Easter Sunday was pretty typical, a very good and well attended Morning Service, Then a Family Dinner. It was nice to have all of our clan together. Monday the ladies went shopping, and on Tuesday we took the young ones to the Children's museum. They enjoyed the chance to run and play with others. Wednesday the last of them left for home.

Unfortunately I came down with a wicked intestinal bug which resulted in my spending all day yesterday and much of today alternating between sleeping and visiting the bathroom. Now I feel pretty normal. I wonder how many kids who were at the children's museum will get sick.

As the events of the resurrection were related during the Easter morning service I was reminded of a detail which I had heard recently regarding the cloth which had covered the face of Jesus in the tomb. John states that it was found folded up and laid aside. This is in contrast to the shroud which had simply been tossed aside. The symbolism of this relates to an ordinary practice in Hebrew households of that time wherein if the master were to rise from the table and toss his napkin aside it would indicate that he was finished. However if it is folded and laid to the side it indicates that he is not yet done, others are obliged to wait for him to return and finish. These are the details we often miss from our distant vantage point.

I am frequently amazed at the detail within detail of biblical accounts. I can read or hear the same story over and over, yet each time find something new in it for me. Also I notice that when a new point is brought to my attention it is often reinforced by receiving it from several sources withing a short period of time. God surely knows how to get my attention when dealing with me.

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